November 7, 1780

1780 November 9 (Thursday).  The Council at Bolton met.  I had told the Church I did not incline to go.  See the Result at the end of this Book. The Church met by adjournment to consider Mrs. Adams’ Case.  The Woman was present but the Man, though warned was not, and therewith Mr. Adams’ paper dated July 23 last.  As to the Former, Mrs. Adams pleaded that she had not got her Evidences ready, but she would have spoke to her Husband, before the Church — but he was not there: which was to our Surprise, Since he knew that at this Meeting his own paper was expected to be read and considered.  It was declared that he was at the public Meeting when Rev. Mr. Whitney read my paper of Adjournment (which was consented to by the Brethren), and he had reason to expect that the Meeting upon these affairs would be now dissolved: The Pastor has also repeatedly told him he was not debarred from Church Meetings but was desired and expected to come.  But since he was now absent, nothing more could be done about his Paper, than to read it and then the Letter sent to him which he was disturbed by, but which had nothing of grievous Nature in it: which being done, and nobody there to Sustain the Said paper, nor make Reply to the Exceptions made against the palpable mistakes it was founded upon, it was voted to be dropped: and seeing that Mrs. Adams was now supposed to be trying for Relief in the Civil Law, the Meeting was dissolved, upon which I prayed and gave the Blessing.  At eve, Col. Silas Bailey here, returning from Rhode Island.  His son Timothy dyed there and is buryd.