June 20, 1780

1780 June 20 (Tuesday).  The Association was at my House, but we were only Three.  Mr. Stone and Mr. Whitney.  They would maintain Order and therefore had a Moderator, who prayed and gave an abstract of an Exercise on Ps. 133.  N.B. While we were dining came in Elias from Cambridge.  The reason of Mr. Smith’s absence was his very low afflicted State of Body.  Perhaps for the same reason his son Bridge, is absent.  Mr. Newel Raises an House today, and Mr. Whitney makes Haste back to Northborough to carry Nails for his.  Mr. Samuel Thurston here and was examined.  Mr. Benj. Tainter and Sons, with their Wives and Children, Goods etc. move from Westborough and try to go towards New Fane.