June 6, 1780

1780 June 6 (Tuesday).  Elias setts out on Breck’s Horse for Cambridge.  I gave him to pay his Quarter bills and other Expenses, to be used with the utmost Prudence, Eight hundred Dollars.  Mr. William Knight of Boston, Chandler made me a Visit, so did Mr. Grosvenor of Grafton, whom, to my Joy, I now hear, speak with much Audibleness and plainness.  They dine with me.  After dinner, I rode with Mr. Knight in his Chaise to Mr. Gale’s, and preached there, on Eph. 5.2, those words “As Christ Also hath loved us, and hath given Himself for us.”  Had to my Grief, but a small Company, but it was chiefly occasioned by his aged Mother’s long Confinement.