October 27, 1779

1779 October 27 (Wednesday).  Mr. Stone came to my Help.  He dined here and preached my Lecture on Rev. 22.11, former parts, “Let him that is unjust” etc.  And may God graciously afford His Almighty Blessing!  A number of Brethren stopped to confer together about Mr. Daniel Adams’ case.  A few had been to him to know whether he would join with his Wife to choose some Men to hear and advise them, but he refused and did now before the Brethren that were together today.  N.B. Dea. Phelps, Mr. Jonathan Twitchell, and Coll. Aaron Perry, all of Holliston were at Mr. Adams’ Request with us.  But nothing was done Except that Mr. Adams in defending his Refusal to do any more, pleaded how much he had done in going to her, to persuade her to return, taking men with himwriting to her etc.  I left them.  But I was informed when I was come away Mr. Adams warned all of them against entertaining his Wife.  At eve, about 8 or 9 Brethren were here at my House, viz. Messrs. Belknap, Dan. Forbes, Batheric, Two Grouts, Eli Whitney, Jonathan Forbes.  They agree to have 2 or 3 of them to go to Mr. Adams in some short time, to see what his mind is since his Three Friends advising.  Mr. Isaac Parker and his Wife desire to come and join the Church.  N.B. A number of young Gentlemen, Graduates, were here to see Elias.