October 10, 1779

1779 October 10 (Sunday).  A.M. Read Deut. 32.[ blank].  In preaching read v. 7 but carried on the same subject which was begun on Isa. 46.3-4.  The Selectmen were together at noon, and after sermon on 2 Thes. 3.1 from p. 17 to 22 and administered Baptism.  Mr. Gale came up to the Pulpit to desire me to read the Congress’s Circular Letter, which after the Blessing, I read part of, and then left the Congregation to read among themselves, which I suppose they did.  N.B. I read after sermon the votes of Convention concerning Boston, as Dr. Hawes requested.  (Dr. Hawes was with me with the vote of the Convention at Concord concerning the Distresses of many people in Boston, to be read publickly.)