September 23, 1779

1779 September 23 (Thursday).  Attended a Fast at Miss Lydia and Miss Rebecca Nurse’s.  Mrs. P. with me.  I began with Prayer.  Mr. Sumner preached a seasonable Sermon, from 3d Epistle of St. John v. 2, “Beloved I wish above all Things etc.”  P.M. Mr. Fairbank preached on Matt. VI.10, latter part, “Thy Will be done on Earth etc.”  I prayed after Sermon.  May God be pleased to accept our Humiliation and Supplications, and give His Blessing to the Word so fitly delivered!  N.B. The two Fays, Messrs. Samuel and Jeduthun, Mr. Knight, Mr. Hazzletine (school-master), Mr. Zebulon Rice etc. were there.  Mr. Z. Rice here in the evening, with Mr. D. Forbes.