June 17, 1779

1779 June 17 (Thursday).  I looked for Mr. Whitney to preach my Lecture, but he did not come.  I preached myself on Ps. 139.23 to the latter part of page 6 and concluded with a few warm Expositions extemp.  Mr. Daniel Forbes, Mr. Gale and Mr. Joseph Harrington t’other Day requested the Church might be stopped and the late Result at Bolton might be read again to them.  I therefore gratified them, but it was at the sad Cost of our Peace: for there were presently bitter Exceptions against the Result and against the Council that formed it.  I endeavored to open and to explain every Difficulty, and ease every Complaint — but it was in vain.  They were not quiet when we parted.  I desire to be humble before God on account of this sorrowful Token of his holy Displeasure, and pray for Divine Pity.  At my House were Messrs. Johnathan Fay and Eli Brigham, who also eat with me: and we were chearful notwithstanding what I had met with.  N.B. One Mr. Haden of Grafton tells me that they are in great Confusion, having had a meeting there to see whether they should build a new Meeting House: or whether they should repair the old one: and whether they would grant Mr. Grosvenor some Relief; but they contended and would do neither.  For which I am sorely grieved.