June 3, 1779

1779 June 3 (Thursday).  Ephraim went to Waltham, sat out about 3 a.m.  N.B. Timothy Bryant’s Time being out, he went with Parker, in order to return to his Mother at Stoneham.  I gave him eight dollars, which was as much as I could spare.  I wrote by him to his Mother.  May God be the guardian of his Youth!  Mr. Elisha Forbes directs that his uncle Eli’s sheep be sent to his pasture, and his brother Simon, with Billy Spring, drives them there.  I catechize at the Meeting House.  34 Boys.  44 Girls.  After catechizing I married Phineas Hardy to Sarah Wiman.  He gave me Eight Dollars.  N.B. Mr. Joseph Harrington was here and manifested Disgust at the Proceedings of the late Council at Bolton.  At eve, but before Sunsetting, I by Request of Mr. Sam’l Forbush, went to his House.  He has been raising a new Barn, and moving part of an Old One.  I was at their Supper, after which we Sang part of Ps. 112.