March 3, 1779

1779 March 3 (Wednesday).  Ephraim Parker (brother of Elisha and Isaac) came to work by the Day for me.  He goes to the Ministerial Lot to get Posts and Rails.  I went to Squire Baker’s, and acknowledged a power of Attorney, to be sent to Mr. David Hitchcock of Brookfield to recover a Debt from James Smith of Western; to be carried with a letter to Mr. Hitchcock by my son Ebenezer.  N.B. Honorable Samuel Baker was there.  The Town meets by adjournment.  Messrs. Belknap and Forbes here, and acquaint me that the Chief of the Town have expressed their desire that I would revive the public Reading of the Scriptures, and say there were but two (Mr. Andrews and Mr. Hannaniah Parker), that said any Thing against it: also Messrs. Chamberlain and Whitney, the choristers, were here that they might see what I had drawn up, to lay before the Congregation, praying there may be a New Choice in their Stead.  Ebenezer lodges here.  So does Ephraim Parker.