April 1, 1779

1779 April 1 (Thursday).  Mr. Baldwin and his wife came from Boston.  This morning from Gale’s, where they lodged last night, but here to Breakfast.  He says the Vessel which Breck and Samuel had interest in, was presently upon Sailing out, was captured in Cape Cod Harbour by a privateer of only 6, 2 pounders whereas they had 8 4 pounders.  But the Capt. had carried the Cash which was 1/2 the Worth ashore, quilted in his Jacket, and therefore saved it.  Mr. Baldwin lodges here.

April 2, 1779

1779 April 2 (Friday).  My son and Daughter Baldwin left us to go to Brookfield.  A Marvellous Day for Warmth.  Col. Baldwin says if I send my Cattle to his pasture they shall fare as well as his will.  Mr. John Forbes here and dines with us.  He brings me and I read the Constitution of the State of Vermont.  Mr. Fish wrote a Letter to me to desire me to forward a Subscription for his Reply to Mr. Foster of Leicester, concerning Infant Baptism.  I headed a paper, subscribed and set it agoing.  Several Young Gentlemen being present, viz. Sr. Crosby, Elijah Brigham and Abraham Holland.  The weather wonderful warm etc.

April 5, 1779

1779 April 5 (Monday).  Capt. Fisher here a.m.  Borrows the London minister’s Sermons on Prayer.  I write to Mrs. Brown, widow at my son Samuel’s at Boston, concerning Letters sent by a Female Society at Boston to Father Loring.  P.M. I had Dr. Hawes’ mare to go to Bolton.  I first rode over to see Mr. Daniel How, whose case, with his mortifying Toe is deplorable!  He was somewhat free to speak.  I prayed with him.  Proceeded to Mr. Whitney’s and lodged there.

April 6, 1779

1779 April 6 (Tuesday).  Mr. Whitney and I rode to Mr. Benj. Baily’s in Bolton, where the Pastors and Churches of Westborough, the first in Shrewsbury, Northborough and Stow met.  The East Church in Sudbury did not come.  It was appointed a day of Prayer, Humiliation and Fasting.  We assembled at Mr. Samuel Jones’ House.  Mr. Newel prayed.  Mr. Sumner preached a seasonable sermon on Ps. 122.8.  I prayed after the Sermon.  We sung twice, but had only one Exercise.  After refreshing, formed into a Council.  I was Moderator and Mr. Whitney Scribe.  The Candidates for Communion met us at Mr. Bailey’s and expressed their desires to be formed into a church state.  The members of divers Churches presented their Dismissions.  We made the needful Enquirys into their agreement and mutual Satisfaction with one another.  And though they had in times past been in unhappy Disquietments, yet condescended and were united, thro’ the great Goodness of God and preparations were made for accomplishing the Solemn Work.  I lodged there.

April 7, 1779

1779 April 7 (Wednesday).  The Council met, and the Brethren assembled.  After prayer, conferred.  Something was prepared for the Brethren, by way of mutual Concession and acknowledgement of past offences, especially the Wally Brethren in setting up that church and some of the members disturbing other churches and Mutual forgiveness.  From such Material, drawn up, one of the Council compiled Result: At Mr. Benj. Baily’s, to whose son I find Sally Crosby is married and lives there.  P.M. The Result was finished and read, was voted by the Council, then Read to and it was voted by the Brethren to accept of and conform to it, except Col. Silas Bailey, who was unavoidably obliged to withdraw: and Mr. Eph. Fairbank, who wanted some Liberty about communicating with Mr. Walley’s Church, if he was there accidentally, but nothing could be granted to him of that kind, upon which he chose to wave joining with them for the present.  A Covenant was read to them in which they term themselves Congregational (not Independents) to which they consented and signed it.  And if the other Brethren should within a few days incline to come and consent, and sign as they had done, it should be accepted as if it had been done today.  This very solemn Transaction performed, they were by the Moderator openly announced and declared to be a Church of the Lord Jesus Christ, by the Name of the South Church of Christ in Bolton, who were then presented to God in an address of Gratulation and Supplication by the Moderator.  In the Council the Votes were unanimous, in the Church, next to; For which may all Glory be given to the most High!  The Church chose Mr. Whitney to be their Moderator pro temp.  I returned with Mr. Whitney so far as to his House and lodged there again.

April 9, 1779

1779 April 9 (Friday).  Capt. Maynard here, and wants to be about the Work of Straitning the Road, through my land back of the Meeting House toward Nurse’s.  My son Cushing and his son John came — lodged here: but Mr. C’s horse is sent to Mr. Bond’s.  N.B. My Daughter C. has been exceedingly ill for some time: and is reduced to a very weak State.

April 13, 1779

1779 April 13 (Tuesday).  My sheep grow very troublesome, to Mr. Newton.  I rode over to Mr. John Kelley’s to see his wife — prayed with her.  Reproved him for his absenting from public Worship.  Visited at Mr. Stephen Cook’s.  Elias came home, rode upon Dr. Hawes’ horse.  N.B. He went from College this morning to Boston, and yet came home before night, the Sun considerable Heighth.

April 15, 1779

1779 April 15 (Thursday).  Old Mr. William Nurse dies this morning, aged 8[blank] years.  I walked over to see old Mr. Jonah Warrin and prayed there.  Cousin Maynard sent over an Horse for her aunt, and Stephen to wait upon her, not immediately to return.  Dr. Hall returning from Boston called here.  N.B. I hear that Mr. Grosvenor has asked a dismission from his Pastoral-Relation.  I read Mr. Wigglesworth’s and Mr. Tucker’s Dudleian Lectures.

April 16, 1779

1779 April 16 (Friday).  Attended and prayed at the Funeral of Old Mr. William Nurse.  He was 83 sometime in last month.  I had considerable discourse with Ensign Fay.  Elias went p.m. to Concord with Cart, Boxes and Horse.  Mr. Amos Parker, Ephraim’s Father here.  He is obliged with a No. of Lelock Trees.  At eve Mrs. P. returns home.  Hear that a girl has set Fire to Mr. Kendal’s House at New Salem, the same that fired Mr. Fessenden’s at Walpole.  She is committed to Jayl.

April 20, 1779

1779 April 20 (Tuesday).  A.M. Was at Deacon Wood’s, at his Son’s, and at Mr. Dix’s (who lives at Capt. Wood’s) but he was not at home.  P.M. Visit Mrs. Mallet, who is sick of a Fever.  Rode to Col. Brigham’s, to Capt. Jonas Brigham’s.  Neither of the Men at home.  Rec’d a letter from Elijah Brigham A.B. respecting Sophy.

April 21, 1779

1779 April 21 (Wednesday).  Capt. Maynard Solicits me about moving my Walls on the north west, and straightening the Road from the Meeting House to the Northward.  He promises it shall not be to my Damage.  He will be at the Charge and will measure the Land, that I may have Equivalent.  N.B. In some perplexity about getting up a pair of Cart Wheels from Monroe’s, which Billy has made for me.  Captain undertakes to get them up.  Breck returns from Boston, and brought me a letter from Mrs. Eliz. Brown of the Female Society of Boston.

April 22, 1779

1779 April 22 (Thursday).  Mr. Grosvenor, on his Journey to Dr. Kittredge, at Tewkesbury, for help in his utterance, calls here.  May God grant success!  Mr. Solomon Maynard for Capt. Maynard brings my Cart Wheels in a Waggon, and goes with them to Mr. Joseph Smith’s to have the Tire put onto them.  Isaac Baldwin from Dummer School, going to Brookfield, calls and refreshes here.

April 23, 1779

1779 April 23 (Friday).  Capt. Maynard and his people, with two Wallers from Sutton, begin to move my Wall beyond the Orchard to make the Road from the Meeting House towards Nurse’s straight.  Hannah Whitney (sister of Mr. John Harrington’s Wife) came to me, confessing the sin of Fornication and desires to make her Peace with God and his people.

April 27, 1779

1779 April 27 (Tuesday).  My son Samuel returned to Boston, leaving his Wife, with his Chaise here; who before dinner grew so uneasy, that with Tears, she prayed me to get some Neighbors to carry her in her chaise to Boston.  Indeed her husband was but just out of sight, when she repented her staying behind, and would have had him called back.  N.B. I sent by my Son to Mrs. Eliz. Brown, at her request for some of his papers, two manuscript sermons of Mr. Loring, one on 1 Joh. 4.9, the other on Gal. 2.20.  We are every day perplexed by the unruliness of the Sheep.

April 30, 1779

1779 April 30 (Friday).  Elias left us to go to Cambridge, and to Charleston, on Mr. Jonathan Fay’s Horse.  Mr. May went with Elias to Cambridge.  Eli Forbes, from Cape Ann, by the way of Boston, came and lodged here.  He brings me a Letter from his Father, which relates many sorrowful things, which have befallen them, particularly the death of Col. John Stevens, Mr. Solomon Parsons and his wife.  Mr. Rogers has left his people for want of Support.  Mr. Cleaveland at Sandy Bay is on the wing, Mr. Parsons of Squam at present under disgrace etc. etc.