May 11, 1778

1778 May 11 (Monday).  Mrs. Adams Wife of Daniel junior came here in the morning — and dined here likewise.  Suse Divine waited on her.  Her sore at her Throat is healed up — but she wears a plaister and Muffler for Defence.  Her mind is not strong.  She in somewhat loquacious.  It is of Gods great Mercy She is so well as she is.  She seems sensible of it.  Mr. Lamson and Mr. Jonathan Batherick are at Work with Breck, in boarding the Sides of his additional Building.


Squire Whipple, about to move to New Braintry, came to take his Leave of us.  Parting is not Pleasant.  He desires for himself and Wife Dismission from this Church to New Braintry.


Sent Elias to Mr. Whitney with a Letter inclosing Mr. Smiths Request to the Church of Marlborough for Dismission from his Pastoral Relation to them, and from his Relation to them as a Brother of that Church, with Recommendation of him to the East-Church in Sudbury.  Both which I have certifyed were complyed with in Presence of the Ecclesiastical Council then Sitting there, by full Vote of the Church of Marlborough.  At Eve our Singers have, as usual, their Meeting.