March 19, 1778

1778 March 19 (Thursday).  I went to Mr. Parker, Soap-Boiler for Squire Baker and borrow of him Fox’s Acts and Monuments of the Church.  Mr. Whitney came, dined and preached for me, the Lecture on 1 Cor. 11.28.  Mr. Badcock and a considerable Number stayed at the Meeting House to sing.  Several Young Women, viz. Miss Hephzibah Parker and Miss Lydia Batherick, came after Lecture and begin their Boarding and Lodging here, that they may go to School to Mr. Badcock.  N.B. Capt. Fisher here at Eve to talk with me of the Difficultys which his Brother Mr. John Forbes, and his Family, who were driven off from their Dwelling at Otter Creek, are reduced to, and need a Contribution.