November 24, 1777

1777 November 24 (Monday).  Reuben Lambson (or Lamson) is in such Earnestness to go away, though he has not filled up his lost time by Eight Days, that his uncle Paul undertaking for 4 of them and himself to either serve or drop [the pay?] of 4 more, I payed him 45 Dollars, which with 12 [torn] paid him heretofore made 57.  The remaining three, which I have not paid, is to[torn] shooe Leather and the Deduction aforesaid, or his further service.  Upon which he went off in Haste.


Mr. Nathaniel Sherman of New-Haven, came, dined and lodged.  I Headed a paper for subscriptions to print Dr. Stiles’s late Thanksgiving Sermon, at the Desire of Mr. Joseph Harrington.


Town Meeting.  I’m informed that they vote £100 for my sallery, and 42£ for my Wood — viz. for 35 Cord, at [blank] Dollars per Cord.