December 1, 1777

1777 December 1 (Monday).  Breck sets out for [Hartford?] on public Business, employed by squire Baker.  The Town Meets by adjournment on the Affairs of the Soldiers money.  [Miss illegible Jones?] came to work here.  Mr. Belknap here about the Barrells he has made and sent me; [illegible] Barrells; but have so bad joints that they are [somewhat?] [illegible] and two more are [torn] Barrells, [illegible] I dont [illegible] [torn] me: yet his Price, instead of [torn] Dollar, [torn] or to 14 shillings.

December 5, 1777

1777 December 5 (Friday).  Mr. Moore had designed to go to Oxford, but his mare is too ill to go any further.  I rode to Mr. William Woods, and took Miss Eunice Jones with me as far as her uncle Gale’s.  At Mr. Woods lay the poor young stranger [William Haden?], Sick of a fever and Flux, and dangerously ill.  I went on purpose to see him, but he was delirious.  I prayed with him, but fear his Death is nigh.  I called to see poor GarfieldBreck returned from Lebanon.  A Letter from Mr. Quincy at Lancaster via Worcester dated [blank].

December 7, 1777

1777 December 7 (Sunday).  In the morning came from Southborough Mr. Jeremiah Barnard to assist me.  Mr. Charles [Stearns?] being there to preach for Mr. Stone.  Mr. Barnard a.m. prayed, and Mr. Waters preached from Cant. 5.1, on those Words, “He is altogether lovely.”  P.M. Mr. Waters prayed, and Mr. Barnard preached from Gen. [24?].12 and first Clause of v. 13 on Jacobs Dream of a Ladder.  I baptized several Children and read the Congress’s Proclamation for a general Thanksgiving.  The abovementioned Gentlemen lodged here.  N.B. The Widow Eunice Cook dined here.

December 9, 1777

1777 December 9 (Tuesday).  On Mr. Nurse’s Horse (and [torn] very rough) I rode to M[torn] Woods, the House of mourning to see and Symp. with [Mr. and?] Mrs. Haden before the removing the Corps of their [torn].  We prayed together and took solemn Leave.  I dined at Mr. Gales.  Went up to Mr. Beetons to see old Mrs. Kelly, and Thomas Beeton.  The last is very Sick of Fever and Flux.  I returned by Mr. Nurse’s.  Many of the [?].

December 22, 1777

1777 December 22 (Monday).  Breck sets out before Day for Boston.


William goes to Capt. Maynards to visit there but dines here, and p.m. he goes to Noah Hardys and Sells him (Hardy)                 for


23£ L.M.  Mr. Bullard returns from [fort?] [Beggachadge?]


and goes                                  I settle with my Son William


He takes up his note by paying me only £


For I remitt          him


N.B. I delivered him Sixty Dollars of my Money which Mr. Hardy is to deliver me when he takes the Mare which he has bought of William

December 23, 1777

1777 December 23 (Tuesday).  Mrs. Dolly Rice makes us a Visit


shop.  Mr. Noah Hardy is here: gives a Note of Hand to my son William for 23£ L.M. for his Mare; which Note is lodged with me, Billy have gone home early in the morning: but thus it happens that I do not receive the 60 Dollars [aforesaid?] instead of those which I lent Billy last Eve.  Harrington brings some Pine.

December 24, 1777

1777 December 24 (Wednesday).  Old Mr. Richard Barns wants to be marryed to Miss Jemima Maynard; and they unhappily need to be.  I marryed them in my Study, by reason of Strangers below.  Suse, Elias etc. were present.  Breck returned from Boston.  I had sent a Sum of Money to be changed by the Treasurer, but unhappily an Eight Dollar Bill comes back as being Counterfeit.  What I received from the Treasurer was a Note of 10£ 14 shs. signed by Henry Gardner.

December 28, 1777

1777 December 28 (Sunday).  Stormy, Snow etc.  Few at Meeting.  Preached again




2-8    Master Fish dined here   and dined in the Study


people who                themselves               Dining Room

P.M. I went on with the Discourse concerning Afflictions — but used, for a Text, Ps. 34.11, former part.  N.B. Mr. Sick of a Fever and Prayed for.

December 30, 1777

1777 December 30 (Tuesday).  It being more moderate, I rode over to Visit Capt. Maynard and his Family, they have been exercised with sickness, with the Meazles, a number of them and Geoffry falls into a Waste.  I dined there.  Capt. tells me that Brother Smith of Marlborough has moved with his Goods to               P.M. Visit Mrs. Beeton and prayed with her.  Elias went to the Ministerial Lot, and Mr. Caleb Harrington to help him.  They bring home a Load of Wood.  Deacon Wood brings a large Load; as does Lt. Harrington — both of their Wood.  I am reading Dr. Robinsons well writ History of Scotland.  James Hicks is exceedingly exercised with chapped Feet and Hands.

December 31, 1777

1777 December 31 (Wednesday).  Ebenezer junior and Daniel Chamberlain bring Two Load of their own Wood.


Mr. Jonathan Child here — brings a Spare Rib — a great Rarity.


Through the Patience and Longsuffering of God I have arrived at the Conclusion of another Year!  Blessed be His glorious Name for all His Goodness.  May the various Providences, Changes, [Disquietments?], Losses, I have been exercised by in the Course of this year, be sanctifyed to me and mine!  And O may I be prepared for the Day, the Hour, which is to Close my Life!