July 7, 1777

1777 July 7 (Monday).  I am informed that the Militia Companys in this Town meet to choose their officers.  The North Company choose the same that they heretofore had.  The South choose Mr. Nathan Fisher their Captain — Mr. Jonathan Grout the first Lieutenant and Mr. [blank] the second.  Mr. Daniel Forbes, the Representative, made me a Visit and relates to me some of the principal transactions in the Court.  Capt. Edmund Brigham came to desire me to visit aged Miss Stone (who came from Charlestown, and is now Sick) at Mr. Haskills.  I rode and returned on Capt. Brighams Horse — discoursed and prayed with her.  N.B. My Daughters Sophy and Hannah return from Concord, Boston, Cambridge etc.  Sir Crosby accompanys them throughout their Journey.  Hannah has born the Ride pritty well: but we can’t tell yet, the Effect of it.  My Daughter Baldwin has been much exercised with her Disorders.