February 14, 1777

1777 February 14 (Friday).  I was in great Expectation of Wood-Cutters and Sledders, but none came a.m. but p.m. Deacon Wood and Squire Baker Sent, the former one Team, the other sent two large Teams, to the Ministerial Lott.  Each of them brought one Load.  One of the Squires Teams brought a very large one.  I believe that the Squire also carryed the Men Rum.  The Hands went to Supper here.  They were Samuel Williams, one Flynt, and William McCullochPhinehas Hardy being occasionally with us, tells us his Sister Lydia is thought to have the Small pox.  N.B. My Kinsman Alexander Oliver here in a Journey from Boston to Brookfield and lodges here.  Informs me that Miss [Pashy or Patty?] Pidgeon (as She was called) lay dead at Newtown, as he came along.