February 7, 1777

1777 February 7 (Friday).  Samuel has Mr. Paul Lambson to put a Shooe upon his Sleigh: and I improve him to put another New Side to my Sled.  Mr. Lambson dines here.  I attended the Funeral of the Child aforesaid.  At Eve Dr. Hawes came and reckoned with me.  In his account he generously gave in his Visits.  He paid me the Remainder of the Rate of my Sallery for the last year issuing on June 5 old style.  It was £, including my Debt to Mr. Edwards Whipple of 2 Dollars and 1/2 and l/ – 1d 1/.  The rest of Mr. Whipples Rate was further subtracted Out of the above sum I paid the Doctors Bill, which was (in L.M.) £  The Cash I received was the sum of L.M. £  And I gave him a Receipt in full.