August 6, 1776

1776 August 6 (Tuesday).  I made Several necessary Visits — yet it was a busy Day with us as to the Hay.  I went to See old Mrs. Sarah Forbush, and prayed with her.  N.B. many living Creatures infest her terrible sore.  I went to Col. Levi Brighams.  I went to See whether he consented to Brecks intimacy with his Daughter Suse.  He was gone to Worcester, but I acquainted Mrs. Brigham with my Errand and prayed her to do it for me.  I visited old Mrs. Beeman, Mr. Bass, Mr. Whitney; where I dined; came home round by Mr. Crooks, where I stopped, and visited the widow (of the late Edmund) Rice, also at Amasa Maynards and Squire Whipples.