August 1, 1776

1776 August 1 (Thursday).  Publick Fast in this Colony.  I prepared in some Measure, on another Text; but was obliged to go on (with Alterations and Additions) preaching from p. 8 a. and p.m. sermon from Isa. 63.8 and finished that subject.  As this is a most remarkable Day, when most probably Lord viscount Howe, Commissioner from the King of Great Britain (having published his Declaration of Pardon to Americans etc.), may be now transacting with the Congress at Philadelphia, touching a Reconciliation, it is most requisite that fervent Requests be put up to Almighty God to [blot] impart Counsel and Wisdom to the respective Partys, and preserve them whatever may tend to widen the Difference.  May it please the God of infinite Goodness to pardon and accept us in our importunate Supplications!  Mrs. P________ to See Temple, at Eve.

August 2, 1776

1776 August 2 (Friday).  Richard Temple dyed this Morning in the 32 year of his Age.  I went up to Mr. Newtons where he lay, and where his paramour, Miss Persis Baker, of Bolton who had been published to him, was.  Mrs. Beeton was here and requests that a grand Daughter which She has taken to bring up, may be baptized.  I propose to Speak to the Brethren of the Church about it.

August 3, 1776

1776 August 3 (Saturday).  Went in the Morning to Mr. Thaddeus Warrins and Mr. Nathan Maynard junior and obtain of them to undertake to get my Interval Hay, this Year — to begin next Monday Morn.  Mr. John Chamberlain reaps in the west Field.  Old Mr. Morse is also hoing in the North.  They, both, finish their work and go home.  P.M. I attend the Funeral of Mr. Richard Temple, who was buryed from Mr. Barnabas Newtons.  His Three Brothers, Josiah, Jonathan and Ebenezer, and two Sisters, Sarah and Phebe, were there; but Miss Persis Baker of Bolton appears to be chief Mourner.

August 4, 1776

1776 August 4 (Sunday).  I had made Some preparation but laid it by unfinished and used Sermon on Isa. 55.5, pag. 171 to 176.  Administered the Lord’s Supper.  A Number of Grafton members present, and Capt. Jonas Brigham acquainted me that Persis Baker desired to communicate.  When I mentioned her as Member of the Church at Bolton, I guarded it with Saying, that the Church knew how I understood that.  Deacon Miriam, Mrs. Maynard and Miss Suse Brigham dined here.  Mrs. P________ not well: goes not to Meeting to day.  P.M. preached on Isa. 55.6.  Dr. Hawes here at Eve.

August 6, 1776

1776 August 6 (Tuesday).  I made Several necessary Visits — yet it was a busy Day with us as to the Hay.  I went to See old Mrs. Sarah Forbush, and prayed with her.  N.B. many living Creatures infest her terrible sore.  I went to Col. Levi Brighams.  I went to See whether he consented to Brecks intimacy with his Daughter Suse.  He was gone to Worcester, but I acquainted Mrs. Brigham with my Errand and prayed her to do it for me.  I visited old Mrs. Beeman, Mr. Bass, Mr. Whitney; where I dined; came home round by Mr. Crooks, where I stopped, and visited the widow (of the late Edmund) Rice, also at Amasa Maynards and Squire Whipples.

August 7, 1776

1776 August 7 (Wednesday).  Breck goes a Journey after Teams which were expected with various Goods from Albany and New-York, to be brought from Norwich, but did not come.  Mr. Francis Pierce’s Child dies.  I was differently employed but alas!  Too little purpose; attending upon Haying, and my Workmen that make up and bring home 2 Load from different Lots.  See Almanack.

August 9, 1776

1776 August 9 (Friday).  [Letting?], heavy Weather — yet I am not a little interrupted; and can do very little in my Studys.  This is peculiarly Strange that the Recruits which are so much wanted at Canada are So long delayed, and have no marching Orders; but the Men are [illegible] and are in so unprofitable a Situation.  P.M. Mrs. Rumbly made me a Visit, before she returns to Boston.  She keeps close to her Antibaptistical Principles.

August 13, 1776

1776 August 13 (Tuesday).  Visit a Child of Mr. Piper that is Sick at Mr. Ebenezer Millers.  Also old Mrs. Woods; both in my way to Upton, where I went to the burying of Mr. Warrin.  Our Kinswoman is left sorrowfull no doubt; but her late Husband has been So plodding and Successful that his Estate is not Small; and only 3 Children.  Mr. Fish prayed.  In returning home I called at Mr. Martin Pratts.  N.B. Mounting the young Horse I rode upon I was in peculiar Danger by being cast on the Horse’s Neck, from which I could not recover for some time; but by the good Providence of God I was saved.  D.G.!

August 15, 1776

1776 August 15 (Thursday).  Mr. Warrin came again, and though it was cloudy he mowed in my Newton Meadow — but about 9 o’Clock was called off and went home.  P.M. though it rained yet Benjamin Tainter, Nathan Chamberlin Sent by Capt. Morse, Daniel Warrin and Moses Warrin, the last Sent by Mr. Levi Warrin, came and mowed my Newton Meadow: all of it out of good will.  Squire Whipple visits me.  At Eve Lieut. Bond for himself and the Soldiers going to Canada, asks a Sermon to be preached to them next Sabbath.

August 17, 1776

1776 August 17 (Saturday).  Mr. Lambson in the morning repairs the Appendages of the Hogs-stye; and then goes, his Brother Nat and Ben Tainter junior also with him, about 9 o’Clock to raking Hay at the Newton Meadow.  Tainter dined here with the rest, but went to Harrington p.m.  P.M. came Moses Warrin and Asa Adams to rake and pole.  They made it dark by that they brought the 3d and last load: but all of them large.  Lt. Bond requests for himself and the other Soldiers (viz. 6 for Crown-Point, 6 for Boston, from hence; and 4 who have listed for other Towns), that I would preach to them.  My Time has been spent accordingly.

August 18, 1776

1776 August 18 (Sunday).  A.M. Preached on Prov. 18.24 (but did not discern till in the Pulpit that I had delivered the first Sermon not only before, but within a Year) With new Introduction with many necessary Alterations accommodating it to the present Circumstances and proceeding into sermon 2d on that Text.  At noon came my Kinsman Mr. Thomas Needham in his March to Crown Point; came to See me, and one Mr. Shaw, another Soldier with him.  They dined here but could not Stay, being obliged to obey Orders.  P.M. I preached to the Soldiers from Luk. 3.14.  Mr. Beeton and his Wife promised before the Church and Congregation to take Care of the Education of a Grand Child which was baptized, and nam’d Martha.  At Eve Mr. Elijah Brigham here.

August 20, 1776

1776 August 20 (Tuesday).  My Son Samuel, his Wife and Child go back to Concord.  The Association met here, viz. Rev. Messrs. Stone, Smith, Goss, Whitney and Newel.  See Association Minutes.  Mr. Thaddeus Warrin and Nathan Maynard junior go to the Interval.  I hire also Mr. Paul Lambson (whom we diet) and Mr. Jonathan Maynard and Mr. Nurse with his Team (of 3 Horses) — both the last diet them Selves.  They bring home four Load from the Interval.

August 26, 1776

1776 August 26 (Monday).  Crosby of College here.  I lent his Mother for a fortnight Dr. C. Mathers Magnalia.  The Widow Martha Warrin here for 2 Letters I have writ for her, one to her son Mitchel at Deerfield; Another to her Son James Warrin in the Army at Canada.  I gave to my Neighbour Caleb Harrington a Letter to Col. Baldwin supposed to be at Crown-Point and another to his Wife at Brookfield.  To day was buryed Mr. Whipples Child.  I attended and prayed.

August 29, 1776

1776 August 29 (Thursday).  Sore Frown of Heaven upon us in the dull, heavy Weather every Day: the Mornings especially.  P.M. Mr. Peter Whitney and Mr. Zyphion Thayer came to See me.  The former acquaints with what he intends to do in reading the Declaration of Independency, viz. to preach a Lecture and to have other Great Doings in Northborough on that Occasion.  About 6 p.m. was hastily Sent for to visit Mrs. Andrews, who was very low and exceeding full of Pain.  I went though Evening and sometimes damp and drizling.  Discoursed with her, and found Good Things in her.  Prayed among them.

August 31, 1776

1776 August 31 (Saturday).  Though it is [torn] weather yet no Hay ready to Cart home.  Mr. Joseph Bond here to acquaint me that he purposes to bury his Child tomorrow after Meetings.  I am greatly Indisposed.  Received from Mr. Thayer 2 Volumes of the History of LouisianaElias came home.  I was much indisposed through the Day: At night vomited heartily, as well as purged — and I hope it was a great Relief to me.