July 2, 1776

1776 July 2 (Tuesday).  The People are obliged to meet together again to day, men being backward to ‘list, unless besides the general Courts Bounty (which is 3£ and [3?] Dollars) they have given them 30 Dollars by them that hire them.  Nathaniel Chamberlin, though he has often assured me that he would not ‘list till he was forced — yet I was informed he was prevailed upon; and did. Mr. Thomas Adams brings home my Books, and Dr. Fullers Englands Worthys which I bought of him before.  He has brought a Number more which he urges me to Exchange Some of mine for.  He dined with me, and having Shewn me some of his Daughters Compositions (by ways of Essays) he left me, to return to Medfield.