August 31, 1775

1775 August 31 (Thursday).  John can get no Rest — wants to be moved often, but is less able to move himself — worries through the Night.  I wrote to Mr. Quincy and Sent him one of F. Brecks Shrewsbury Sermons;[1] by Mr. Loyd, who, and my son Ebenezer leave us to go to their respective Homes or Abodes.  John’s Visage alters — is apprehensive that Death is not far off.  Says that in his sleep he saw an Angel of Light coming to him.  I told him that no stress could be laid on these Things: but that he must rely only on Such Evidences as the [illegible] infallible word of God setts before us.  P.M. Mr. Daniel Chamberlain and his Wife were here to be examined.  I asked him whether he was satisfyed with the Discipline and Customs of this Church, that is, as I had administered, and had continued all along for these 50 years past, and till the [torn] Church Meetings about Bolton Quarrells, and about the Elders [torn]gative; which I did not [illegible] he Should concern himself [torn] But if he did I must make a Business of Shewing him [illegible] which must convince any rational unpre[torn]ic’d [illegible] ungrounded and causeless the late Disgusts among us [torn] been.  He replyed that it was none of his Mind nor [torn] to meddle with those Disputes, and that he was satisfyed [torn]th the Administration — was willing [illegible] with this Church as Congregational.  Upon which I opened to him how we were So: founded on [torn] of God under which we used [the Church Covenant?] the Platform, for the sub[torn] of it, (I mentioned the Exceptions to be made) the Results [torn] the general Custom of the Churches, agreeable to the writings [torn] [venerable?] Fathers of the Congregational Scheme.  Such [torn] Cotton, Higginson, Hubbard, Mathers, etc.  I shewed him that they [torn] for the Power the Elders have, of Negative etc.  I let him [torn] that these were our Congregational Discipline and what [torn] [alwayes?] practise[d?] upon.  He said [torn] [not minded?][torn]; and desired to [torn] which therefore [torn] with.

[1]Robert Breck (1682-1731), The Surest Way to a People’s Happiness and Prosperity.  A Sermon at Shrewsbury…June 15.  1720 (Boston, 1721; Evans 2207).