August 22, 1775

1775 August 22 (Tuesday).  John is low — but able to converse.  Thanks to God!  Mr. Noah Hardy brought me from Mr. Mart. Pratt £49.13.1 in old Tenor.  I visit at Springs, Townsends, widow Brighams son Phinehas, and at Capt. Ben. Fays.  Prayed with the three last.  At Eve Levi Wilder going to Mendon, is here, but does not tarry.  Breck watches with John.  N.B. We have been greatly at a loss about my Nephews son [?] Boston: but this Eve saw a Letter of his to [my Son?] Samuel by which I see he is safe, though he may be under Confinement.          to straits; compared with his former Cir[torn].  Young Belknap dyed at 11.  [torn]emely low, tarries through the Days and nights with great Difficulty [torn]ister Martyn who I find very ill of a Fever.  Prayed with her.  [torn] Mr. Whitney — he was not at home.  N.B. [Madam Minot?] I saw with [torn] Martyn.  She gave me account of her Fright when the Regulars [torn] Concord to seize the stores there.  I visited old Ensign Josiah [torn]l of the Distemper which is [illegible].  Prayed with him.  Called [torn] [illegible] old Mrs. Kelly.  John has so great a purging [torn] him self to night.


of any yet.  Purging has fool-


him all night.  Attended the Funeral of Asa Bell


Sorrowful Time.  The Lord look upon us in


But prepare us for His holy Will!


Mr. Nathan Townsends Child, Aaron, of 14 Months and a fortnight, dies.[1]


is still alive, though it is wonderfull that he has had two


Breck and Aaron.  Breck             Bed


Johns Room, for the better Convenience of tending him


of Oxford returning from the Camp at Roxbury


a Letter from Mr. M[torn]     there still.


occupyed than         [torn]      Teams loaded


to Watch


[torn] little Sleep


pass by                  further side.


to my son Ebenezer by [torn] Belknap junior


New Braintree

[1]Aaron, son of Nathan and Sarah Townsend, b. June 12, 1774; d. Aug. 25, 1775; Westborough Vital Records, 98, 254.