January 9, 1774

1774 January 9 (Sunday).  I had prepared to preach on Ps. 92.12 a.m. but thought it would be best to wave that for this time.  I repeated with Alterations both a. and p.m. Sermons on Joh. 1.12. Mr. Jones at meeting. One Town of Oxford dined here.  After Exercises Mr. Joseph Harrington came in here.  Said he was going to Mr. Timothy Warrins to hear Mr. Jones: I let him know that I could not approve of it, Since he was a stranger, had never let me know what he was, had not come to me, and that it was very disorderly for him to thrust himself in thus; and that it was very improper for him who was in covenant with me, to countenance Such irregular proceedings, and which were of Dangerous Tendency, by going to hear him.  But he went that way notwithstanding as I understand many more did at Evening though a Cold season.