January 5, 1774

1774 January 5 (Wednesday).  Mr. Beeton last Evening acquainted me that Deacon Wood warned the meeting at his (Beetons) House, for Mr. Jones to preach.  I Sent for the Deacon, who came, and told me what he had said about this Jones’s preaching and endeavored to clear himself of any warning of a Meeting, but yet Seemed to Shew a Disposition to go and hear him if he did preach — nay and asked if I would not go too?  I answered with warmth, and Shewed him the utter impropriety of it, and that it would be to his great Dishonor if he Should so Countenance what would be So imprudent, disparaging to the holy Ordinance of Preaching — that it would be a lifting up the Soul to vanity, etc. — and I must depend upon his wisdom and steddiness to Conduct suitably in the Affair.  But what he will do I know not. We reckoned and he gave me a Note of Hand for what he owes me, Except an Error in the casting up. May the Lord grant me wisdom and steddiness at this peculiar Juncture among my Flock and Save them from Evil!