December 31, 1773

1773 December 31 (Friday).  This Last Day of the Year am disposed to improve religiously for Humiliation, Supplication and for these Purposes in Recollections, Abstinence and Mortification.  The Lord pardon the many Sins of the past Year, for the sake of Jesus Christ!  And grant me the due Qualifications herefor; Repentence, Faith etc.  Mr. Seth Rice junior here on Account of the Letters concerning his uncles etc. in Canada.  Mrs. Kenny (wife of Nathan) here to be examined.  She was so, and approved.  Several other women visiting here.  My Daughters, Sophy and Hannah, being invited to dine at Mr. Edmund Brighams, they are gone down there, and visit at Gales.  At Eve John P________ came from Mr. Watsons at Oxford: has done living there: brings me a Letter from Mr. Bowman, concerning the Transactions of another Council at Somers, and Mr. Eli and his Brethrens Renunciations and his Dismission.  Thus Closes the Year.  O may I be prepared for the awful Time, when my Life Shall Close!