December 22, 1773

1773 December 22 (Wednesday).  Rose early and rode to Mr. Jacob Gibs’s.  I found it an House of great Distress.  Another Child, a Daughter in her 14th year, dyed this morning; and a Sixth is taken ill, and is grown bad in the manner of the rest.  Mr. Stone and Mr. Fitch, after a while came, and we went through the Exercises.  Mr. Fitch began with prayer.  Mr. Stone preached a seasonable, useful sermon on Lam. 3.39, “Why doth the living Man complain” etc.?  I prayed afternoon and stood between the living and the Dead to plead etc.  I preached on 2 Sam. 24.14.15.  O that God would hear and answer.  We were entertained after Exercises at Mr. Bemis’s, who was one of the Sufferers.  None that have been taken by the Distemper in the Neighbourhood, have lived.  In returning at Eve, called at Several of my Westborough Neighbours — Chamberlin, Bellows’s etc.