June 27, 1773

1773 June 27 (Sunday).  Read Joel 1.  Could not get my new preparations ready — wanted to preach a preparatory sermon to Contribution and also to young people and especially against Fornication.  Took therefore Discourses on Prov. 10.10 with various Additions.  P.M. read Rev. 3.  Cornet Brigham acquaints me that he was yesterday at my Son Cushings at Ashburnham, and tells me my Daughter was o’ Bed.  Was delivered on the 24th of another Son.  Mother and Child in an hopeful State.  Blessed be God for His great Goodness!  May it be perfected!  Received a Letter from Dr. Eliot, of my Kinsman Needhams Case: also of the Committee of the Convention’s Meeting.