June 22, 1773

1773 June 22 (Tuesday).  We rode together to Sudbury.  Called at Deacon Plymptons.  I wanted of him the Paper which the Deacon read to me in March last, was twelve month, as being Sealed up with the last Will and Testament of the Late Venerable Mr. Loring and in which he was pleased to Committ his Private Papers to us.  But the Deacon was gone to Court, he being one of the Representatives.  We then went to Mr. Nathan Lorings, where we were courteously received, and conducted up into the deceased’s Closet.  From thence I received of Mr. Loring one Folio (parchment covered) containing many Extracts from various Authors, also folio Leaves of Extracts on many Books of the Bible.  I have also a Small bound Book dated 1715 containing Rules for Prayer.  Also Ten Paper Books of Adversaria (marked Capitally), also a Bundle of various Copys of Covenants; Letters etc.  N.B. The Paper of the Contents mentions a Number of Abstracts, which are not there.  Furthermore, here is a Bundle of paper Books, which contains Prayers on various Occasions, in Number, 6 Books — Together with 8 Books of the following Titles, viz., Days of Prayer and Thanksgiving, Self-Examination etc. to my Spiritual State, Self-Examination by Marks of Growth etc., Covenants, Promises of the Covenant, Rules for the Sanctification of the Lords Day, Examples of Heavenly Meditation, The Order of Celebrating of the Sacrament of the Body and Blood of Christ — and — of Baptism.  Besides these a Book entitled “Places where I have preached.”  I received also 12 Bundles of Letters, to and from different persons.  One of which contains Letters from a religious society of women in Boston.  O that I might be faithful in improving this Treasure.  N.B. Mr. Stone took Several others which I have not an Account of.  I borrowed of Mr. Loring Glanville’s Sadducismus triumphatus[1] and Dr. Increase Mather Mystery of Christ.[2]  We dined at Rev. Mr. Biglows.[3]  In my way home was requested to go in and See Mr. Thomas Biglows Daughter, Mrs. How in Consumption — and prayed with her.  Arrived safely.  Deo Laus!

[1]Joseph Glanvill, Saducismus Triumphatus: or, Full and Plain Evidence Concerning Witches and Apparitions.  In Two Parts.  The First Treating of Their Possibility, The Second of Their Real Existence (London, 1681).

[2]Increase Mather, The Mystery of Christ Opened and Applyed.  In Several Sermons, Concerning the Person, Office, and Glory of Jesus Christ (Boston, 1686).  Evans 416.

[3]Jacob Biglow (1743-1816), Harvard 1766; see SHG 16:324-25.