May 18, 1773

1773 May 18 (Tuesday).  This morning Elias of Brookfield with his Horse Load of Rye (4 Bushels) left us, and Jonathan Maynard with 5 of my Cattle to go to Brookfield to be pastured at my Son Baldwins.  Mrs. Lucy Maynard (wife of Mr. Nathan Maynard) after 13 years Suffering of Pain and illness, and in the 45th Year of her Age, dies, about noon, hopefully in Christ.  A Pattern of Patience and Meekness.  May God sanctifie this Breach!  P.M. I visited Mr. Stacy of Hopkinton; in a low Condition of Mind and Body.  Discoursed and prayed with him.  A very Sorrowful Spectacle!  Visited also at Mr. Daniel Adams’s, Mr. Jonah Warrins etc.  N.B. Mr. Whitman of Hartford and a Daughter, Mr. [H?]insdell of Windsor — and Capt. Bull of Hartford, journeying to Boston, were here in the morning at Breakfast with us.