January 1, 1772

1772 January 1 (Wednesday).  I have Still more and more cause to bless God for His Long suffering towards me.  I am astonished at this unmerited Goodness!  May I have Grace to glorifie God as He justly expects from me!  Having obtained help from Him I continue to this Day.  It is matter of Grief and sorrow that I have done so little for the Honour of God and the Benefit of His People!  Master Taylor takes my Horse and rides to Rev. Mr. Morse of Shrewsbury to deliver him for Mr. Glazier, of whom I bought my Horse, 95£ old Tenor.  At night he returns and tells me he has done so.  Dr. Crosby made me a Visit.  At Eve I married Nathan Fay to Persis Harrington.  Two foolish, unhappy young Creatures who have fallen into Transgression.  She is in but her 15th year.  I could not go through the Service without Pain and Distress.  The Lord grant them true Repentance and the Restraints of His Grace to the rest of our young people!  And O that my own sins might be blotted out!