June 3, 1770

1770 June 3 (Sunday).  Mr. Stone had desired I would endeavour to help him in his feeble State; and Since Mr. Cushing was to preach for Mr. Sumner, he desired Mr. Sumner would come hither, and that I would go to Southborough.  This was complyed with.  Mr. Sumner came and I went to Southborough accordingly.  I preached a.m. on Ps. 44.18, p.m. on [Jer.?] 6.8.  Mr. Stone went to meeting in the afternoon [illegible] I was exceeding hoarse by a Cold.  Returned at Eve.  Mr. [Sumner?] preached on Rom. [8.31?] a. and p.m.  May God graciously accept our Offerings and our Labors!