September 15, 1769

1769 September 15 (Friday).  Coll. lends me Mr. Bollans Book on Continued Corruption etc.  Breakfast at Mr. Stone’s.  Arrive at home in safety a.m. and Find all well, both of my House and Neighbourhood.  Blessed be God for His great Goodness!  But am informed that the Pulpit was Vacant last Sabbath, though Mr. Morse of Shrewsbury came (instead of Mr. Edward Goddard) to preach, but was so Pained in his Face that he returned home.  A very Sorrowful Occurrence happened about or a little before noon at Lt. Bakers.  His little Daughter Lydia, of 16 months, fell into a Tub of Whey, and was suffocated.  I hastened up.  Tobacco Smoke was blown up into her.  I ordered Salt and she was covered over with it, but all means were ineffectual.  I prayed with them.  Sarah informs me that Alexander and two of his Sturbridge Neighbours with their Wives were here on Monday last week, and lodged.  He went to Framingham.  That Mrs. Allen of Shrewsbury was here lately; and had taken Mr. Henry on the Evang. and Acts with her.  Mrs. Cushing came with her: and they brought Dorcas Bradford to tarry with us.  Cousen Thomas Barrett waits upon sister Lydia Champney here.  Mr. Joseph Perry of Ashburnham, here.