December 25, 1768

1768 December 25 (Sunday).  Still omitt Reading publickly.  Preached again on 2 Cor. 5.5, but carryed on the Design begun from Heb. 2.15.  P.M. Preached on Joh. 1.41, repeating part of my Discourse on that Text.  Began at page 11, but with some Introduction concerning Christ’s-Mass.  Forasmuch as, though we don’t keep the Feast of the Nativity of our Lord yet we would not be behindhand in paying our highest Regards to the Great and Glorious Redeemer.  O that I might be able, with true Spiritual Joy and Gladness, to declare, I have found the Messiah, which [“]is the Christ.”  Might also many Others!  It presses my mind and Heart.