November 14, 1768

1768 November 14 (Monday).  Mr. Batherick informs me between one and two o’Clock of a Town Meeting to Day, partly on Account of my support.  I was sorry I had no warning, Since [I am so unprepared?].  P.M. Squire Barnard and Mr. [Marsh?] of Sutton here and acquaint me with what Mr. Chaplains Church have done relating to Church Government and what a late Council have advised the agrieved to do.  Lt. Baker informs that this Town have done no otherwise than last Year, viz. have granted 500£ old Tenor, and nother [sic] further for Wood.  I hereupon sent in a Line to Shew that I could not discharge my Ministerial Duty without they also provide my Wood.  But I understand it was without avail.  At Eve came my son Ebenezer and his Daughter Elizabeth.  Also at Night came Alexander from Framingham.