November 2, 1768

1768 November 2 (Wednesday).  All that were sent to for this Ordination came.  There was neither Pastor nor Delegates (I suppose) absent.  I was chose Moderator and prayed at the Opening of the Council.  The Church of Ashburnham were very unanimous and fervent for Mr. Cushing.  One Mr. Foster had a Difficulty with the Church; but he was by no means willing to clogg the Ordination.  He was not a member of that, but of Lunenburg Church, but we put him and the Church into a way of Peace.  Mr. Cushing gave a Confession of his Faith, which was read before the Council and Church; and it was accepted.  In public Mr. Farrar prayed, Mr. Jacob Cushing preached on Gal. 1.11.12.  I gave the Charge, Mr. Asaph Rice prayed after the Charge, and Mr. Morse the Right Hand.  May God accept us, and command His Blessing!  The Evening afforded good Singing, but when it grew late, Some young Men who could be accommodated with lodgings, were too musical and airy, to our Disturbance.  For which