June 17, 1760

1760 June 17 (Tuesday).  My Kinsman and his Wife leave us to go as far as their Brother Briants at Sudbury to Day — after which they will (by the Leave of Providence) proceed to Stoneham.  The Company meet for enlistment.  I went to ministers Meeting at Shrewsbury — which was but thin.  Messrs. Barret, Martyn, Stone, Smith and Morse being absent.  But Mr. Loring there.  He wanted Advice concerning his Changing with Mr. Eliab Stone, a Young Gentleman who keeps school in Sudbury and preaches for Mr. Cook — but he has not been examined.  I asked the Associations Advice respecting my baptizing Children on the Right of Foster Parents.  I had reference to Mrs. How who desires privilege for her son Noahs Children.  I also laid before them the Case of Joslin who wants Baptism for John Maynards Child.  They advised me to proceed as to the former — and with the latter when I shall judge I have waited upon the Proper Parents a fit Space.  I lodged at Mr. Cushings with Mr. Loring.  Mr. Maccarty gave a Concio on Jam. 5.19.20.