June 2, 1760

1760 June 2 (Monday).  I attended the Artillery Election Sermon (which I have not had Opportunity to do for upwards of 20 Years).  Mr. Sherman of Woburn preached on Ps. 149.6.  I din’d at Capt. Storers: where also dined Coll. Serjeant and Rev. Messrs. Smith of Falmouth, Mr. Prentice of Charlestown, and Mr. Robie of Lyn.  P.M. Mr. Procter went with me to visit Master Holbrook and his wife (who was Bekky Burroughs) but it was in Vain; they were out of Town.  N.B. Mr. Ellis Wilson, Brazier (who was one of those who went to the North Latin School when I did ), though he was well and walking about last Saturday, dyed this Morning.  May God affect me with it!  At Night Visit Mr. J. Breck.  Was also at Brother Williams and lodged there.