March 25, 1757

1757 March 25 (Friday).  Mr. Snow came to work again; with Mr. Gale who lodges (as well as works) here.  A.M. I borrowed Mr. Nurses Mare and rode to Mr. Eliezer Rice’s — break fast there on fresh Fish.  Visit Old Mr. Whipple who grows much weaker, and I fear draws near his great Change.  Nor is he in Terror at it, but thinks, God having wrought a good work in him, his Hope is well grounded.  I prayed with him.  He gave his dying Testimony to the Christian Religion and the Expediency of our waiting upon God in the Ordinances of His Appointment.  He was greatly rejoiced at my Coming.  When I took leave, his reply was, “Farewell, my Father!”  But with what Shame and Grief does it fill me that I So little deserve this!  P.M. Abner Newton brought me the Boards I lately went for — viz. 206 feet — for which I gave him 50/ old Tenor, they being though white pine very much Culled.  Snowed again.  A sorrowful Time with those who want Hay; as I hear many do.  The Carpenters lodge here.  Lucy returned home.