June 2, 1756

1756 June 2 (Wednesday).  Should have had some Expectation of Mr. Martyn to preach my Lecture but that I hear Mr. James Ball dyed the night before last and is to be buryed to Day.  I therefore preached my self.  My Text Ps. 106.4.  As to Mr. Ball he was one of those 12 who were the Covenanters that began this Church.  And there are but 2 of them that now survive, viz. Old Mr. Maynard, and Old Mr. Bradish.  May God prepare each of us to follow, that we may depart in Peace and see His Salvation!  At Eve Mr. Breck and Cousin Betty Gott, going with him to Springfield, came; and lodged here.  Capt. Fay has requested me earnestly to