September 18, 1755

1755 September 18 (Thursday).  Mr. Nichols cleans up Rye and remainder of Wheat which Dunlop thrash’d, and mow’d Bushels in the New broke up Land.  I catechiz’d at Mr. Joslins.  After Catechizing came Mrs. Judith Bellows and was far from penitent.  I told her I was offended with her myself — and this for two Things — namely, her ill Carriage to her Husband, and her not adhering to the Truth.  As to the first, She had the assurance to Challenge me upon it.  I therefore apply’d to Mr. Joslin who Soon confronted her, particularly with her Conduct that very Day that I had been at their House the time before Last.  Mrs. Joslin also join’d with her Husband in it.  Yet She remain’d incorrigible.  I visited Mrs. Bruce and pray’d with her.  Her Case is now fear’d to be desperate.  When I return’d home met Brother Hicks[1] and his Daughter Hannah here.  N.B. He has been perplex’d at Boston, by Mr. Elijah Collins, by means of a Bond of Mr. Oliver Wards in which Brother Hicks was also jointly bound.  They lodg’d here.  N.B. one of their Horses Sadly lame.

[1]John Hicks of Sutton.