June 14, 1752

1752 June 14 (Sunday).  A.M. but feeble and weak.  Yet went to meeting and perform’d the Services both a. and p.m.  Nay, in the forenoon went through a double Service, for I not only deliver’d the sermon which I prepar’d for last Lords Day p.m., but added as much more; and it being upon Usury (Text Eph. 4.28) I exerted myself to the utmost, and deliver’d both at once.  Read Deut. 13.  P.M. I deliver’d a sermon on James 1 (which I made and deliver’d before I was ordain’d, viz. September 1724) but with many alterations as indeed were very necessary.  N.B. read 2 Cor. 7.  Was exceedingly worry’d and fatigu’d; with my forenoon sermon especially.  Poor Night.