June 1, 1752

752 May 31 (Sunday).  Was much indispos’d last night and to Day.  The Weather Cold and Rainy.  I notwithstanding went to Meeting both Parts of the Day.  A.M. read Deut. 12.  Gave some Observations.  Preach’d on the eighth Commandment from Eph. 4.28, first part.  P.M. read 2 Cor. 6, and although I had preparations for the p.m. sermon yet such person or persons as the Discourse would more immediately concern, being absent by the Rain I deferred it — and preach’d on 1 Cor. 15.22, latter part!  being sermon 6 from page 28 to 33.  N.B. Mr. Eli Forbush and Mrs. Hannah Fish dismiss’d.[1]

[1]“Parkman entered in the Westborough Church Records, May 31, 1752: “The Church was Stop’d and Voted Dismission of Mr. Eli Forbush to the work of founding and Settling a Church in the North East Part of Brookfield, or to the Church there, if there be one gather’d; in order to his being ordain’d the Pastor thereof.  And the dismission of Mrs. Hannah Fish (heretofore Hannah Forbush) to the Church in Upton.”