April 1, 1751

1751 April 1 (Monday).  Breakfast at Colonel Buckminsters.  N.B. Mr. Bridge, Mr. Haven,[1] together with his Father, and one Mr. Hale of Brookfield, consulting with me about Mr. Samuel Havens preaching with them (as he had done) in order to his settling there — whereas he had a Call at part of Medway, and therefore, he (justly) refuses to encourage those of Brookfield till he has done with Medway.  Mr. Hale rode home with me.  We din’d at Mr. Nichols in Framingham.

[1]Samuel Haven (Harvard 1749), the son of Joseph Haven of Framingham, taught school, read divinity with the Reverend Mr. Parkman, and became the minister of the Second Congregational Church of Portsmouth, N. H., 1752-1806.  Sibley, XII, 382-392.