February 15, 1750

1750 February 15 (Thursday).  We watch with Ebenezer ourselves; One setting up the fore-part, another the latter part of the Night.  In the Morning he Seem’d to be Somewhat Comfortable, but it was not long before he grew worse.  Neighbour Eliezer Rice came kindly to see us: went home and return’d again to cutt Loggs at the Door.  But Ebenezer grew so bad, and at Times Somewhat Delirious that I Sent Mr. Rice to Dr. Gott; who came up with him p.m.  My son is much distress’d about the State of his Soul.  At his Special Request I pray’d with him.  N.B. Mr. Pratt kindly Sent Cornelius Cook to cutt wood at the Door.  At Eve Deacon Newton, Lieutenant Tainter, and Mr. Francis Whipple came as a Committee (they were the Majority thereof, Captain Baker and Lieutenant Thomas Forbush being the other two that came not) to inform me of Two Things from the Precinct, one which had pass’d into a Certainty: if I would accept of it: namely that this Precinct had voted that the grant of 500£ old Tenor made in the Year 1744/5 Should be put into a Rate, to be gather’d and paid me.  The other Thing was not Voted, but much talk’d of, and they (the Committee) were desir’d by a great many to propose it to me, namely, whether I would rather choose to tarry where I am, if the precinct will give me an hundred pounds old Tenor per Annum more of Sallery?  N.B. They acquainted me that what was voted, as above, was with freeness and Love.  I desir’d Time to consider of what they had said.  They each of them for their own particular parts gave me their Advice that I would take up with it cheerfully for they had reason to hope that many people would fall in and generously assist.  N.B. Martha Pannells Brother Moses Pannell and her Cousen Abraham Black here to see Martha, but by reason of the Trouble in my House they lodg’d at Captain Maynards.  I Sat up till between 2 and 3 o’Clock with Ebenezer who is very ill.