February 1, 1750

1750 February 1 (Thursday).  Foul Weather, but I went to the Public Lecture Mr. Checkley of the old North preach’d on Ps.  May God forgive my wanderings and bless it to my souls profit!  Din’d at Brother Samuels.  P.M. I visited the Honourable Thomas Hubbard.[1]  Mr. Eliot there.  Mr. Hubbard (I think) had been himself at the Funeral of our dear Friend and Class-mate Mr. Taylor of Milton, Yesterday, whose Death is much lamented.  I heard of the Funeral seasonably but could not attend it, having the like work to do, where I was yet more nearly concern’d.  May all have a proper Effect upon my poor insensible Heart!  Visited Dr. Sewall[2] and Mr. Prince.[3]  When I return’d at Evening to my Brother Samuels Mr. Cook of Westborough had been there with my Horse, and a Letter from my dear Spouse at Home, which inform’d of my son Thomas ill at Concord.  My Horse was kept at Mr. Thomas Stoddards Stable; but Mr. Cook brought both Hay and Provinder for him.  I lodg’d at Brother Samuels.

[1](Harvard 1721).  Hubbard, one of Parkman’s classmates, was treasurer of Harvard College, Justice of the Peace, and Commissary General of Mass.  Sibley, VI, 490-495.

[2]The Reverend Joseph Sewall of the Old South Church.

[3]The Reverend Thomas Prince of the Old South Church.