August 10, 1749

1749 August 10 (Thursday).  Neighbour Bathrick here to be further Examin’d, p.m.  The Precinct Met and Voted to pull the old Meeting House down.  The Time to go about it next month.  N.B. Mr. Eliezer Rice came to me and told me Mr. Lyon of Grafton was gone over to see Bethiah Tyler.  Wouldn’t I go to him?  for he said he thought it might be to no good for such Men to be here, nor did he like he should come.  After looking up to God and Considering the Matter, I got my Horse and rode after him, designing and expecting to Meet him at Mr. Tennys, but I met with him on the Road in his Return from thence.  When I ask’d what Business he could have there, he told me they had sent for him; the Young Women in particular several Times.  After Talk a long Time in the Mist on the Road I return’d home and he with me — he came in, and he tarried till it began to be Darkish.  He deny’d that he pretended to have authority to preach — he deny’d his being in any Antinomian Errors, but declar’d he denounc’d them — affirm’d himself to be desirous to be in the way of Shepherd, Hooker etc. — before he went off, there thronged in Many into my House as they went from precinct Meeting.  Ebenezer and Thomas picked apples part of the Day.