February 13, 1749

1749 February 13 (Monday).  This was the Sorrowful Day of the Funeral of Mrs. Judith Stone, the amiable and lovely Spouse of my Brother Stone of Southborough.  Mr. Cushing and Mr. Martyn came and though a Snowy Time I went with them to the House of Mourning.  The Reverend Mr. Loring pray’d.  The Pall Bearers were plac’d thus Mr. Loring and Mr. Cushing, Mr. Barrett[1] and I, Mr. Martyn and Mr. Smith.  The carrying Bearers were Justice Liscomb[2] and Deacon Amsden,[3] Deacon Woods[4] and Captain Brigham.[5]  There were several other ministers besides the foremention’d.  Mr. Perkins[6] of Bridgewater, Mr. Cotton[7] of Woburn, Mr. Swift of Acton, Mr. Reed of Framingham, besides Mr. Weld[8] of Attlebury who was the deceaseds Brother in Law.  May God take up his Dwelling with and Comfort the Mournfull Husband, take up the Motherless Children and remember them in his gracious Covenant and awaken all survivers to a diligent preparation for our own Decease!  Mr. Cushing return’d home with me.  Found my son Ebenezer from Harvard, there.

[1]The Reverend Samuel Barrett of Hopkinton.

[2]Samuel Lyscom or Lyscomb, a justice of the peace.

[3]John Amsden.

[4]David Woods.

[5]Timothy Brigham.

[6]The Reverend Daniel Perkins (Harvard 1717), the minister of Bridgewater, 1721-1782.  Sibley, VI, 208-211.

[7]The Reverend Josiah Cotton (Harvard 1722), the minister of Woburn, 1747-1756.  Sibley, VII, 50-56.

[8]The Reverend Habijah Savage Weld (Harvard 1723), the minister of Attleborough, 1727-1782.  Sibley, VII, 268-272.