February 9, 1749

1749 February 9 (Thursday).  A rugged morning — went to Mr. Browns again.  He agreed to take Thomas.  I had Mr. William Rice’s Company from Mr. Lorings.  Din’d at Deacon More’s.  When I got up to Dr. Gotts heard that Mr. Stones[1] Spouse is given over.  Call’d at Mr. Smiths.[2]  When I got home found there had been Three sorrowful messages.  A man from Mr. Stones to desire me to visit him in his Affliction.  One or Two from Mr. Tomlin, his Child being Dead, and a Letter from Holden concerning an appointed Fast there on occasion of the Throat Distemper at which they desire my assistance.

[1]The Reverend Nathan Stone of Southborough.

[2]The Reverend Aaron Smith of Marlborough.