July 7, 1748

1748 July 7 (Thursday).  Samuel Sparhawk junior brought my Horse in the Morning and I rode to Boston.  I stop’d at Proctors and would have been glad to have had my Horse kept there this Visit.  And I made it my Business to go and see bereaved Brother William to mix my Tears with his and his Childrens.  But I din’d at Mr. Olivers, and my Horse was taken care of there.  P.M. at the Auction of Dr. Colmans[1] Books — bought 7 folios: 4 quartos and 4 octavos.  Supp’d at Mr. Olivers — was to have lodg’d with my Brother but was (to my grief) too late; turn’d in the Doctors and lodg’d with him, his wife continuing in a low Condition.

[1]The Reverend Mr. Benjamin Colman.