February 24, 1748

1748 February 24 (Wednesday).  It being a pleasant Day though the snow was deep, I attempted to ride over to the South Road.  Called at Neighbour Pratt’s and Mr. Williams proceeded to Captain Baker’s, dined there. We had no small conversation, (But in Harmony) about the Precinct’s Affair.  He showed me the papers of their later proceedings. One paper was the Report of the later Committee (viz. Deacon Newton, Captain Warrin, Mr. Whipple, Mr. Miller, and Mr. Abner Newton) which the precinct would receive but in part, but were ashamed to let me know some articles of.  They exhibited therein that they were uneasy that I did not give them a Discharge for or else. N.B. Squire Baker’s earnest Advice to discharge the Town, though they do not pay me, and by no means to sue, endeavor to recover from the Town in a Lawful way the Debt for my service four months and 15 Days before the Town was divided: again they were uneasy at the vote of the precincts in which they promised me 500£ in Case etc. and that I preach old Sermons.  This last I have not met with any man til now that would discover to me, nor own. When I left the Squire I went to Deacon Newton’s. Talked over the same things. N.B. The Deacon not pleased with any proposals of Discharging the Town, so well as with my suing the Town. He says a just War must be upheld. I remarked to him my unhappy Praemunire: it being impossible to please them either way. And viewing the Case and its grim aspect upon our dearest Interests I very solemnly said, The Lord look down upon us in Mercy etc!  It was evening, and, calling at Mr. Ebenezer Rice’s (where came Dominick Dyer) and at Neighbour Pratt’s (of whom I got a Leather Apron for Billy) I returned home.